An early winter?

Snow on subaruHmmm, well it’s -5 and snowing right now, which seems a bit early even for Iceland. Driving home from a work meal tonight was interesting as it was very slippery with the snow icing up the roads. Lots of cars were sliding off the road or coming to a standstill on the hills. Even in the landrover it was a bit tricky as I still have my summer tires on. Officially it is still another 12 days before we can change to studded tires. Mind you the weather forecast predicts warmer weather in a few days. Bergur will be really pleased when he wakes tomorrow as he has been asking when it will snow for weeks.

Day on the beach

Well, we call it work, but sometimes it can actually be fun! Today we were off to a local lake called Kleifarvatn with some sub customers so we could test their AUV to check it conforms to the specs. It was quite cold (around 0) and windy, but luckily I brought the unimog along, so we could all use it to warm up as the little stove chugged happily away. Mind you there were 8 of us, so it a bit of a squeeze to fit everyone in. With perfect timing the sun decided to shine at lunch time, just in time for me to finish grilling lunch for everyone on my little travel barbecue.

R̩ttir Рwet sheep and happy boys

Nonni and his woolly friends Last weekend we went around 15 mins from the house to our closest sheep-fold, where they were sorting out the sheep in the annual réttir. The réttir is the process of driving the sheep down from the highlands so they can be sorted out and taken off to their winter quarters, or get turned into tasty lamb chops.

The boys loved it, despite the wind and rain. We met some friends and their sheep-owning friends. This meant the boys could get into the pen with the sheep. I ended in the sheep pen as well later helping to divide the rams and ewes. What I learned from this is (a) lambs are not as heavy as they look, as I spent quite a lot of time lifting the reluctant ones over the dividing fence. (b) Counting sheep as they mill about is surprisingly difficult, and (c) The smell of sheep is quite hard to get out of clothes… Still it was great fun.

The beast is road-legal, run for cover..

Big toyFinally I have got the Unimog fixed enough to get it through its annual test. it took two tries, as the brakes needed a bit of work to make them even, and the brake lights decided to stop working on the way to the first test. This morning Bergur and I took it back for a retest and it passed, although I would like to get the brakes more even, as they now are uneven the opposite side. I guess I over did the repair the first time.. Repairing the brakes involved taking the wheel and hub off, and as the wheel alone weights 60kg this was quite a challenge in the dark and rain last night. I also added a proper rear facing seat in the back as it is registered for 3-4 passengers, and there were only 2 seats as it was. Now we are all set for a family outing, once I get a weekend with no classes.

Ahhh.. Weekend at last

Well, a pretty busy week. The first course is over, and I can’t say I feel much wiser, just tired as it has been a week of 14 hour days. Next course is next week, but I have a feeling that I might miss some of it as the plan is to spend much of the week with some navy clients at a local deep lake. This may well involve using my Unimog as a traveling ops room. This means I should try and mend it this weekend…
Ingas car has been off to the menders as well as the brakes failed, Thankfully she managed to bring it under control with the handbrake. The landy was also in to repair the repair that had just been done. Annoying, but as it involved the steering it was not the sort of repair I would want to put off.
Another success for this week was getting this blog back into some sort of order as a recent database upgrade had caused it to sort all the entries in reverse order, so the new entries were last. All I need to do is try and add new posts more often and we are all go.
Finally thanks for the comment James. Good (and surprising) to know that people are still looking at the site despite my terrible entry creation rate.